Joseph Cheung, CEO Toggle Describes Cyber Security Steps for Businesses

Cyber security with Joseph Cheung, CEO Toggle

What is Cyber Security

Cyber security, in a nutshell, is whether or not your data, your critical information data as well as your client’s data is being secured. Every single business, regardless of who they serve and what they do, will always have some sensitive information or Personal Identifiable Information, PIIs. So as an organization, we specialized in local small and mid-sized businesses and the fact that there are very, very, very few organizations nationwide who actually work with smaller businesses in the cyber security.

Who are our clients

As a firm here, we are, I believe the only cyber security firm in Colorado that actually specializes in local businesses. We work with some entities, that includes the Small Business Development Center as well as the National Cybersecurity Center.


Why Should We care about Cyber Security

We’ve had clients tell us, “Well, Joe, we’ve been in the business for 20, 30 years. We’ve never been hacked before. Why is this a concern for me now?” And then I will always reference back to what happened to Target, what happened to Xperia, Home Depot, any of the large…or even most recently, Yahoo. I’m sure we all heard about the recent incidences with Yahoo Mail, where a significant portion of their emails were compromised and individuals lost hundreds, if not thousands of their contacts, and we are now receiving emails from our friends saying, “Hey, check out this weight loss program.” I’m sure we’ve never seen that before, right? But those are the questions that we ask and say, “What are you doing to prevent your loss of information?”

The first step

We perform what is known as a network vulnerability assessment for our clients. after we perform this network vulnerability assessment, we have a very, very granular look and I can tell them, “Mr. Customer, this is what I found in your network. You have X, Y, Z in your hardware in your ABC software. Based off of your current configuration, these are the vulnerabilities that we have found in your environment, and those vulnerabilities have caused X, Y, and Z within my existing list of clients.”

Second Step

After we go and we do the network vulnerability assessment, we outline exactly for them what the vulnerabilities are, we outline a road map for them. We tell them exactly, “All right, these are your options. You can either retain someone like us to do all the fixes that we’re recommending, or you can retain us and we can take care of your network as it is.”

Why spend the money?

I am securing the infrastructure from what is already out there, but when a hacker, whether they are a 14-year-old sitting in their mom’s basement, or some…another state actor, they wanna go after the entities that aren’t looking within their cyber security. They are not being proactive. They wanna go after the people that may have been complacent.

The early years

I was definitely bored, and I started coding when I was around nine years old. But even before then, I was playing with the advent of dial-up.

Why I started Toggle

I’m thinking to myself, “Well, who’s looking after the small guys?” You know, I consider myself a serial entrepreneur. And I’ll say that because I first started off in software development, application development, and web development. And then I had a short foray into government contracting for1 about two years. And then, I looked at it and I took a huge step back and I said, “What is the industry that, A, I can have the most fun in, and, two, have the biggest impact within the community in our ecosystem.” And I found that it was cyber security.

Next steps that you guys do after they get their assessment, and they see where their strengths and weaknesses are, what they do?

We go in after the network vulnerabilities assessment, the threat analysis report. And then we lay it out, “Mr. Customer, we believe, based off of your organization, based off of your industry, we’re going to deploy X, Y, and Z. We’re gonna deploy this particular network,” whether it’s a Cisco Meraki platform or some sort of Ubiquiti UniFi solution.

One and done?

After we deploy our solution, we typically have proactive support contracts. So what that does is it allows the proactive support contract. We actually have packages that range anywhere between $325 for a really small shop. Basically, at the cost of a small car payment, all your cyber security is now taken care of. We continue to do this proactive network vulnerability assessments.

Advice for the entrepreneur

Find a partner who complements your strengths.” You do not ever want to have just to people with the exact same skill sets, because that way, you’re gonna fight and you’re not gonna be able to have the checks and balances tell you, “Hey, you’re on the wrong path.”

AI and Machine learning

How do you see machine learning and artificial intelligence impacting the need for the individual business owner to have a robust cyber security protocol in place?  I think it really is a layered approach as well as a dynamic approach. Cyber security in the field of information technology is constantly changing.

Key security takeaway

My message to the folks out there is, at a minimum, make yourself not low-hanging fruit, at a minimum

For the business owner that has some concerns, what should they do?

Regardless of where you are and regardless of the fact if you have an IT staff, give us a call. Give us a call. We are here just to have this conversation with you and the network vulnerability assessment, we can go in and we can execute it, and just take a look to see where your environment is. We are not here to threaten the jobs of your IT staff. We are not here to embarrass your IT staff. We are here to work alongside with them and complement their service offerings to you, so that they can do their job better.

phone- 719-301-6280.