Effective efficient resources and strategies to grow your business with CEO John Harris Effective efficient resources and strategies to grow your business with CEO John Harris a website that serves entrepreneurs, business owners, business leaders and organizational leaders. Bob: Tell us a little bit about the genesis, the why that you put this together. John: Right. Well, thanks for asking on that. What happened was in 1998 I was able to start my own business, and that business was a…

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John Kelley CEO Cerescan How we use advanced brain imaging software to provide more accurate results leading to 78% of patients receiving new diagnoses.

advanced brain imaging

CereScan CEO John Kelley: How we use advanced brain imaging We’re arguably the leading brain diagnostics company in the country. CereScan combines valuable patient information – such as clinical history, symptomology, neuropsych evaluations, functional imaging and more – to provide a detailed report of what’s happening inside a patient’s brain to assist their doctors in…

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Instantnonprofit, start your IRS compliant non profit, from idea to 501(c)(3) in less than an hour with Christian Lefer CEO Yippiekiyay

Instantnonprofit with Christian LeFer

Instantnonprofit with Yippiekiyay, Launch Your Nonprofit, get 501(c)(3) fast & easy, and manage nonprofit compliance with Christian Lefer CEO Fast-growing Denver Company handles your nonprofit 501(c)(3) formation and filings painlessly and for one-third of typical legal fees by combining their TurboTax-Like app with expert humans. Whether you’re a fan of tough-guy Bruce Willis or cowboy…

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Contractor’s Guide to Success, “Start It, Build It, Grow It” with CEO of Elite & CJ Roofing Randy Brothers

Contractor's Guide to Success by CEO Randy Brothers

Contractor’s Guide to Success Start It, Build It, Grow It with Randy Brothers, the CEO of CJ and Elite Roofing as well as head coach of The Roofing Academy. He’s a third-generation contractor and business owner with over 15 years of contracting experience. His company has grown 10 times in 6 years, or 10X, A…

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Loui McCurley CEO Pigeon Mountain Industries, rope manufacturing, confidence and lessons from working safely from height

Rope Manufacturing with Loui McCurley

Rope manufacturing and lesson learned from working safely at height with Loui McCurley, CEO Pigeon Mountain Industries Coolest company on Earth PMI is a manufacturer of life safety ropes and soft goods, other equipment for work at height We  distribute other gear from people whose products complement our own. So we’re a manufacturer and distributor,…

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