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Business Acquisition Criteria: From The Buyer’s Perspective With Nick Seger

BLP Nick | Business Acquisition Criteria

  What are potential buyers looking for in a business? While there is no such thing as perfect acquisition criteria, different buyers do have their preferences in terms of what industry the company is in, what its corporate structure and company culture looks like, and what the reason for the owner’s exit is. Taking a…

Pioneering Concierge Telemedicine With Dr. Daniel Carlin, CEO Of WorldClinic

BLP Dan | Concierge Telemedicine

  The healthcare industry has been so slow in adopting digital technology to deliver its services that it took COVID-19 for telemedicine to be taken seriously by virtue of necessity. Dr. Daniel Carlin, the founder and CEO of WorldClinic, pioneered the company’s innovative concierge telemedicine model at a time when almost nobody else was doing…

ActivArmor™ With Diana Hall, Dr. Kevin Kaplan And Eric Miller

  The industry leader for custom-made 3D-printed casts and splints in the United States, ActivArmor™ empowers patients with the freedom to be able to maintain their active lifestyles. Now, they begin producing custom-fit, low-cost reusable face masks that achieve a 98.9% to 99.9% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) test score. On today’s show, Bob Roark chats…

Maximizing Your Business’ Value With Co-Host And CEO Of Raincatcher, Marla DiCarlo, And Guests, Jim Gilbert And Allen Harvey

BLP Marla | Maximizing Business Value

Many business owners are understandably extremely passionate about their business. Sometimes, they are too passionate that they fail to view their business from the buyer’s perspective. When that business life cycle finally hits the break, they find themselves having seller’s remorse from selling their business without maximizing its value early on. In this episode, Bob Roark is joined by co-host and CEO of Raincatcher, Marla DiCarlo, to unpack the skillsets and insights of guests—Jim Gilbert, CPA, CITP, CGMA, and Allen Harvey—that can help business owners out there to bring profits to the bottom line or increase the value as opposed to cash flow. Jim is the founder and owner of Jim Gilbert, CPA, while Allen is an independent valuation expert working for IBVA and IBVA Pros. Together, they discuss assessing your business and making adjustments from there in terms of valuation, moving from micro to macro that touches the people, processes, and systems involved. Join this great business coaching session to learn how to maximize the value of drivers of your business.