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How Small Businesses Can Weather The COVID-19 Storm With Mike Dill

BLP Dill | Small Businesses

Inarguably, one of the sectors that have been hit the most by the COVID-19 pandemic is small businesses. Unlike large conglomerates or corporations, many of these small businesses operate independently, with a much smaller pool of resources than their more considerable counterparts, so they have to take a few more steps to deal with the…

Virtual Offices: The Growing Remote Working Culture With Danette Gossett

BLP PART 4 | Virtual Office

  As businesses make the shift to working remotely, it’s important to remember that not every strategy that works in a brick and mortar workplace will work in a virtual office. There are specific strategies that you need to implement to maintain balances now that every employee has to integrate their work life with their…

Moving Forward After COVID-19 With Danette Gossett

BLP Part 3 | Moving Forward After COVID

The process of moving forward after the massive disruption created by the COVID-19 is not going to be easy, so as early as possible, you need to figure out how you can go about things. A “new normal” has begun to settle, and the best way of moving forward is finding ways to find your…