Optimizing Your Hiring Process With Steve Urban and Scott Kegerreis

BLP Steve Kegerreis | Hiring Process

Your hiring process should not just start with stacking up resumes. If you want the right fit for the job and for your company, you need to be thorough. Joining Bob Roark today are Steve Urban and Scott Kegerreis, co-founders of Riderflex, a generalist boutique recruiting firm servicing all industries, all functions, nationwide, C-level to associates. The two recruitment…

How To Sell Your Business With Gary Wofford

For many business owners and entrepreneurs, the time comes when they have to move on. When this happens selling your business becomes a priority. What can you do to ensure that you get the most out of it? In this episode, Bob Roark discusses business exit strategies with senior business broker Gary Wofford of Raincatcher LLC.…

How To Sell Your Online Or SaaS Business At Maximum Value With Mark Woodbury

BLP Mark | Sell Your Business

  Most entrepreneurs’ exit strategy is selling their business. But how do you sell your business at the best price? Mark Woodbury is the Managing Director at Raincatcher, helping entrepreneurs buy and sell remarkable companies. Today, he joins Bob Roark to break down the process behind how they help clients get maximum value for their…

Dr. Ethan Becker On The Impact Of Mastering Communication In Business

BLP Mastering | Mastering Communication

It’s not just what you say that matters, but also how you say it. Everyone communicates differently, and knowing how to approach different people at different times can make or break you.  Ethan Becker is the President and second-generation senior coach and trainer from The Speech Improvement Company. In this episode, he chats with host Bob Roark and shares some tips from his book, Mastering Communication at Work: How to Lead, Manage, and Influence. Ethan talks about the impact of communicating effectively and how that translates in different business situations. He also discusses the science behind speech and communication to give a better understanding of how it works.