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Business Leaders Podcast

Business Leader’s Podcast guests include top business people and influencers in Colorado. We uncover our guests intricate story of business success, what was done, why it was done, who they serve and what is going on now.

Where do they see new opportunities, what would they do today? They may be asked about early role models, key turning points, family and school mentors, the early indications of leadership and important breakthrough “aha” moments.

The goals are to have interviews each week that will inspire, motivate and introduce you to the tools and disciplines of elite business leaders…. and for guests to enjoy being on the show because it’s informal, wide ranging, friendly and candid.

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Bob Roark

Bob Roark



I have always been fascinated by story of business success, what was done, why it was done-who were the key influencers and what can be learned. I believe you can pattern and accelerate success by learning the insights from successful business people.

Why are they successful? What got them there, what did they learn, what keeps them going now and what can they pass on that you may never learn in business school.

…so why Business Leaders Podcast?

If you can picture the last time you sat next to someone new on a plane or at a table at a conference where the casual conversation turned into a pivotal moment for you as a key insight was shared without any expectations.

This podcast is meant to serve, to offer that moment, a digital mentor perhaps…..



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