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Growing Your Company By Unleashing Your Team’s Full Potential with Paul Sutton

BLP Sutton | Unleashing Team Potential

  It takes a great leader who understands his team and the company’s purpose to deliver great service. Paul Sutton, the Founder and President of Paul Sutton’s Peak Structural, Inc., shares what his business is all about, who their clientele is, and the services they specialize in. As the company grows, so does the pressure and the…

Marla DiCarlo: How To Exit Your Business And Successfully Start Over

BLP Marla | Exiting Your Business

  Things are not always sunny when it comes to running a business. There will be days where it seems like one disaster is pouring after another. Sweeping in just like her company’s name, Raincatcher, to help businesses is Marla DiCarlo. With her experience, Marla can fully empathize with the owners, especially with exiting their…

The TerraSlate Advantage with Kyle Ewing

BLP Kyle | TerraSlate

  Any product that aims to help Mother Nature thrive and help the world function better is a great product. Kyle Ewing, the Founder and President of TerraSlate, talks about the genesis of the idea for TerraSlate paper to product development. The product is environmentally conscious as it minimizes the use of paper. With its…