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Capitalizing On Your Contact List During The COVID-19 Pandemic With Danette Gossett

BLP Gossett | Contact List

COVID-19 is a hot topic these days, but you can’t let it steal your show and paralyze your business. Fighting the virus can also mean doing your part in making a productive difference business-wise. In this episode with CEO of Gossett Marketing, Danette Gossett, Bob Roark follows up their discussion about mobilizing your business during the pandemic.…

Performing A Real Estate Exchange With Luke Hays

BLP Luke | Real Estate Exchanges

  Many financial and real estate professionals out there, including CPAs and attorneys, don’t know anything about real estate exchanges, and how these transactions can help their clients. While seemingly byzantine at first, this system of exchanges actually yield a lot of benefits for people who are looking to reinvest their money in different kinds…