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Jason Jarvis, CEO Jarvis Labs, talks engineering the applications of physics for business use

Jason Jarvis CEO Jarvis Labs

Jarvis Labs why founded and when

Jarvis Labs was founded six years ago and was more or less kind of just an accumulation of lifelong work and, specifically, in the IT industry, around cloud services.  We formed it with the intentions of really kind of getting to the next level in cloud and the cyber spectrum of opportunity. You know, we’ve developed some cloud technologies and built our own infrastructure.

What do you do

We bring an enterprise level of support and services to small and medium businesses, to startups. We’ve helped companies go from zero to all the way.

 What do you do for Startups

Startups have trouble getting to the next level or leveraging that next piece of technology that they need in order to thrive or in order to make a manufacturing process work or whatever it is. Jarvis Labs is with our repertoire and experience implementing technology in a wide variety of places, we’re usually able to find that missing piece or we’re able to develop that missing piece that startups are looking for.

The early years

My grandfather was an old Air Force electronics technician.  He ended up being an IT guru, an IT head of his oil field company back in the ’80s and ’90s. He always made sure I had a computer to work on and some connections to work with.  We used to figure a lot of things out in my grandpa’s office. My first real job in the industry was taking computers apart and cleaning them.

Mom calling

My mom even has contacted me through the help desk when she wasn’t able to find me.
The guys at the help desk gave me a hard time about it. But, you know, that’s what it’s there for. Use it. Create a ticket. Call your mom.

First invoice

My first invoice as a 16-year-old was to a feed store in my hometown for fixing a printer and upgrading some RAM.

We are recruiting

We’re not recruiting for anything specific but we’re always recruiting for the right fit.

Building fast computers-Rock Silo

We’re running everything out of active fast memory. Fast-forward to now, especially with our Hyper Expanse technology, that’s one of the Rock Silo offerings. We’re able to…we’re just able to bundle more computing power, more processing, more memory, more hard drive space. It’s just, it’s amazing, it’s exciting.

Rock Silo

Rock Silo builds appliances. We build appliances that you can plug into your network and it provides a specific service. So one of those is spam control. I call it an artificial intelligence engine because it takes some thousand or so different rules, computing rules, and makes a decision over whether or not to deliver that email, whether or not to hold that email until maybe we’d get some updated signatures from the rest of the world.

Big computers, virtual machines

If you’re running a CAD workstation, you have your workstation, you’ve got your video cards, you’ve got your…whatever it takes to make that 3D model look good. Well, under our Rock Silo offering, through a virtual workstation, you have more power. You can do, in 15 minutes on an engineering simulation, what you used to take two weeks. I mean it’s, you punch a button and you’re using the computing power to do this work.

Government contracting assistance

On the government contracting side, you’re required to have an IT infrastructure. You’re required to have authentications in place. You’re required to have, sometimes, your own email server. Jarvis Labs can just kind of step in and help meet certain requirements to get you in the room.

3D modeling on CAD programs and the ability to use the Silo, what’s the typical commentary that you hear from those types of engineering folks?

They’re sold on it before we even turn them on. I can do a five or 10-minute demo, illustrate things they do every day and how much quicker it is. Once they’re turned on, they just use it and they want more. It’s like an appetite that grows. Especially if your business…if you’re a heavy CAD modeling business, you can take on more business. The more you can do, the more you can take on.  So the appetite for it grows. It’s like if you’re into hot rods, your hot rod could never be fast enough.

What do you think the chief outcome of having more humans orbiting the planet will be?

More science. More actual application. More harnessing of potential. I could foresee an orbiting international university, for instance. Something that actually our space cadets can go through a real program where they actually go to space before they’re an astronaut.




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