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Hiring A Good Business Brokerage Firm With Jude David

BLP David | Hiring A Brokerage Firm

  Are you planning to sell your small or big business? If yes, finding the right people to help you out in this tedious process is essential. Today, Bob Roark is joined by Jude David, a Senior Broker with Raincatcher, to talk about how Jude helped the company and what they’re doing to help investors. Having…

Rob Amerine: What You Need To Know About Selling A Business

BLP Rob | Selling A Business

With everyone either selling or buying, you would think it’s a simple process for them to meet and finish the job. However, many business owners and buyers alike still have a hard time looking for the right business or buyers for them. Rob Amerine, certified business intermediary of The FBB Group, Ltd, talks about selling…