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Hiring A Good Business Brokerage Firm With Jude David

BLP David | Hiring A Brokerage Firm

  Are you planning to sell your small or big business? If yes, finding the right people to help you out in this tedious process is essential. Today, Bob Roark is joined by Jude David, a Senior Broker with Raincatcher, to talk about how Jude helped the company and what they’re doing to help investors. Having…

Buying And Selling Companies With Brian Loring

BLP Loring | Handling Real Estate Buyers

  RainCatcher is a Denver-based national business and brokerage firm that helps entrepreneurs buy and sell their companies. In this episode, Brian Loring who is one of its senior brokers talks to us about the company and how he ended up working there. As a real estate expert, he offers advice to those who are starting out in…