Start Early: Hard But Necessary Advice For Business Owners Thinking About Selling With Aaron Linnebach

BLP Aaron | Selling A Business

Selling a business is much more complicated than handing it over for an amount of money and then walking out of the room. On the part of the buyer, it involves a meticulous process of diligence and preparation. If those buyers, who are experts in buying, are taking the effort to be prepared before the transaction happens, why should you, the seller, who is probably selling for the first time, not want to achieve the same level of preparedness? Joining Bob Roark on the show, Raincatcher CPA Aaron Linnebach has some advice for business owners who are thinking about selling their companies at some point. Old wisdom tells us that “The early bird catches the worm,” and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to M&A. Listen in and learn why you should already be investing in exit preparedness now, even if (especially if) you’re not raring to let go of the reins just yet.

The Process Of Selling Your Business With Donna And Gary Thiel

BLP Donna | Selling Your Business

  In one way or another, everybody leaves their business. Prepare well for the inevitable by knowing your exit strategy. In this episode, Bob Roark talks with Donna and Gary Thiel, small service business owners who, after more than 30-plus years, has closed the sale of their business. They share their journey and offer great…

Business Acquisition Process: How To Become More Sellable With Chase Kenner

  Selling an entire business or company is, without a doubt, daunting for the owner. However, with the right people to help execute this process, the business acquisition process can be quite successful. Today, Bob Roark interviews Chase Kenner, an Associate Broker with Raincatcher and a certified financial planner, about how his company proceeds with…

Hiring A Good Business Brokerage Firm With Jude David

BLP David | Hiring A Brokerage Firm

  Are you planning to sell your small or big business? If yes, finding the right people to help you out in this tedious process is essential. Today, Bob Roark is joined by Jude David, a Senior Broker with Raincatcher, to talk about how Jude helped the company and what they’re doing to help investors. Having…

Buying And Selling Companies With Brian Loring

BLP Loring | Handling Real Estate Buyers

  RainCatcher is a Denver-based national business and brokerage firm that helps entrepreneurs buy and sell their companies. In this episode, Brian Loring who is one of its senior brokers talks to us about the company and how he ended up working there. As a real estate expert, he offers advice to those who are starting out in…