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Marla DiCarlo: How To Exit Your Business And Successfully Start Over

BLP Marla | Exiting Your Business

  Things are not always sunny when it comes to running a business. There will be days where it seems like one disaster is pouring after another. Sweeping in just like her company’s name, Raincatcher, to help businesses is Marla DiCarlo. With her experience, Marla can fully empathize with the owners, especially with exiting their…

Mike Connolly, CEO StrategiCopy: Helping Clients Attract & Close More Business

BLP Mike Connolly | StrategiCopy

“When I say turn them into customers, that’s more than just making a sale today.” As CEO of StrategiCopy, Mike Connolly creates and manages direct response marketing systems for fast-growing businesses so they can attract their ideal customers, put an iron fence around them and develop an abundant “herd” of customers for life. He has…