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Moving Forward After COVID-19 With Danette Gossett

BLP Part 3 | Moving Forward After COVID

The process of moving forward after the massive disruption created by the COVID-19 is not going to be easy, so as early as possible, you need to figure out how you can go about things. A “new normal” has begun to settle, and the best way of moving forward is finding ways to find your…

Capitalizing On Your Contact List During The COVID-19 Pandemic With Danette Gossett

BLP Gossett | Contact List

COVID-19 is a hot topic these days, but you can’t let it steal your show and paralyze your business. Fighting the virus can also mean doing your part in making a productive difference business-wise. In this episode with CEO of Gossett Marketing, Danette Gossett, Bob Roark follows up their discussion about mobilizing your business during the pandemic.…

COVID-19 Pandemic: Understanding Its History And Its Future With Shawn Cupp

BLP Shawn | COVID-19 Pandemic

  We are in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic that has since affected so many lives around the world. It has been testing the economy, public health infrastructures, and even our personal relationships. In this episode, Bob Roark tackles this pressing matter with someone who has a great deal of expertise about it, Shawn…