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Transitioning Into Creating Your Own Firm with Doug Robinson

BLP Doug | Running Your Own Firm

A lot of people put their career first over everything else for a long period of time, and there are consequences to that. Doug Robinson always wanted to have a more balanced life between work, family and community, and so when an opportunity presented itself, he made the choice to move to Colorado to have…

Kevin Stoffel And Brent Hultman From Strong People Systems

BLP Kevin | Strong People Systems

  We often hear the saying, “Your business is just as good as the people in it,” yet many businesses still fail at finding the right kind of people in their team. As a result, they lag behind in efficiency and productivity. Kevin Stoffel and Brent Hultman from Strong People Systems give an overview of…

How Businesses Can Drive Value During Ownership Transition with Shina Culberson


  There will come a time for business owners to start to entertain the idea of ownership transition. In one way or another, they will have to transfer their businesses to the hands of other owners, carrying over not only the business itself but the employees as well. Shina Culberson, chartered financial analyst of Quist…