Kim Peterson Stone, CEO helping clients grow their business & increase sales using social media & online marketing

Kim Peterson Stone, CEO helping clients grow their business & increase sales using social media & online marketing
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Kim Peterson Stone, CEO helping clients grow their business & increase sales using social media & online marketing


Kim Peterson Stone CEO of  Since 2009, Kim has built a network of 180,000-plus highly engaged subscribers and fans for herself and hundreds of thousands more for clients. She speaks, consults and trains on inspired leadership, and how to build quality business relationships and acquire new clients through LinkedIn and social media.

In the pre-platform days, Kim was able to grow a business primarily using one-on-one contact via the Home Shopping Network and PR that was received through various television and newspaper and magazine articles.

As platforms like Facebook, and LinkedIn, and Twitter started to become more and more the norm of what we do on a daily basis, Kim decided that shewould get into that world by creating a community for people within the health and wellness space to share information about their various products online. And that morphed into a digital marketing agency, helping them get more of a clear vision of what they were doing from a marketing standpoint because they, a lot of these people, had really great products and really great tools, but they weren’t very good at telling their story. They weren’t very good at sharing that information. There weren’t very adept at marketing.
Kim- I’ve got two sides of what I do. I’ve got the digital marketing side, which is And that’s generally for medical practitioners, med spa, plastics, the type of business where, you know, it’s cash paid and it’s commoditized to a certain degree, and it’s very important to be able to differentiate your message. So doing digital marketing services for that group would be that side of the business. And then the other side, to do LinkedIn training and speaking, and teaching and coaching.

I’ve worked with financial services organizations. I’ve worked with direct sales organizations. I’ve worked with MLM organizations. I work with a number of different types of companies, where people need to reach out to other people in business and explain what it is that they do. And I teach them to do that on LinkedIn in a way… The way that I explain it to people is, “This is something that will follow you your entire life. This is a living, breathing thing. The days of sending in a resume and hoping to get a job are over.

So you really do need to make sure that your footprint, your digital footprint on LinkedIn conveys clearly what you do. And you’re able to post videos and articles, and commentary, and communicate in a way and show yourself in a way that you have never been able to do before. So it would be those organizations who are looking to train their teams, and it would be also those higher-level individuals that are very serious about creating and establishing a solid presence for themselves on LinkedIn.
What’s the biggest misconception that the business owner that’s been reluctant to pursue LinkedIn has?

If they really don’t understand or believe that things have changed to the degree that they have because there are people who are still making things happen and they’re not engaged digitally. And they’re in that world, and they’re not really seeing what’s going on, on the other side. Maybe they think it’s hype, maybe they think it’s a fad, maybe they think… There was just this hesitancy because they don’t understand. And I think that that’s the big thing, “It’s going to take too much time.” You know, “How am I going to measure ROI?” You know, “How is all this going to work for me?”

They just don’t understand and it’s kind of a handholding process to help them see what can happen. Your biggest asset is your team. And if you have a team of 25 or 10,000 people all working for you, with the outreach that we have now, it is mindboggling what you can do.

The companies that choose not to embrace it, I’m concerned that in a relatively short period of time, they’re going to be struggling to the degree that they’ve not seen before. I would say like within five years. I have people that are in my space that say “three,” which is pretty dramatic.

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