Catherine Bell VP Flipping Females, mentoring and training entrepreneurs to fix and flip properties

Catherine Bell VP Flipping Females, mentoring and training entrepreneurs to fix and flip properties

Catherine Bell VP Flipping Females, mentoring and training entrepreneurs to fix and flip properties


Catherine Bell, we’re just a group of successful investors most of us are women, we mentor and train people how to become successful real estate investors in the world of fixing and flipping properties.

We’ve been doing this for four, almost five years, in the Phoenix and Las Vegas and moving into Texas as well.

You actually need to be boots on the ground, learning exactly how to manage everything that comes up in a fix and flip. I mean we’ve done hundreds of these. I’ve done a 159 this year and I’ve got 40 going on right now, and there are no two projects that ever look the same. Like still, as an investor, I’m still learning on every single project and that’s how you learn is, okay, here’s the challenge. How do we overcome and, you know, create the solution?

We all came together and we all have the same philosophy that we have really a desire to come up along people and teach them, but more importantly, to train them because training is very different than just education. Training is where you’re actually doing it. And so all of us have that commitment and that desire to make a difference and to have people be successful, and so that’s how this whole program came to be is alongside us fixing and flipping our properties because people kept asking us to teach them how to do this. Now we work with them and have them work alongside with us as much or as little as they want, learning the entire process from beginning to end of the entire fix and flip process.
We look for a lot of abandoned properties, distressed properties, and there are lots of them out there. So once we determine a property is distressed, we do contact the owner and just find out…you know, sometimes it’s the property that’s distressed. Sometimes it’s the owner that’s distressed. Whatever it is. And again, our biggest thing is we leave every person, property, and community better than we found them so whatever transactions that we have, it’s always got to be a win-win. So inside of finding these properties, people are usually very happy for us to take it off their hands. And so we say, “The scarier, the better,” so we go into the very scary neighborhoods that most people won’t go into and start, you know, cleaning up the neighborhoods and having them be beautiful, which makes a big difference because that pride of ownership is a big deal.

We were all sitting around talking and what happened was through doing all these projects, we discovered that women are better fixers and flippers than men. Like when it came to the end product, men, generally, it’s like there’s the gray palette or there’s the beige palette, and that’s as extensive as it gets.

My grandfather said to me, he said, “Catherine, find something you love to do, find a way to get paid for it, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” So for us, for all these women, I mean that’s exactly what we’re giving these women is a vehicle to do something that they love to do, be able to make a difference in the world, you know, leaving every person, property and community better than we found them, and make a little extra on the side as well.

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